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Vocal Evaluations


Want a professional opinion?

I can give you a vocal evaluation via Skype or MP3.

I will determine your vocal aptitude,  breathing technique, range and quality, and prescribe scales and exercises to remedy any amateur habits I hear and suggestions on how to reach your goals. Usually takes 30 minutes, fee is $45.00. PayPal only. If you are local and schedule permitting I can see you in studio. I can also give recommendations for finding a local voice teacher/coach.

call 425-766-5140 or email to schedule :

Why Take Voice Lessons?


... because even if you think you're gifted or still must work at it....and if you think you're is a skill you can learn.  Vocal instruction  includes learning breath management, resonance, balancing resonance and breath pressure to allow a natural vibrato to occur, diction and phrasing, artistery and emotion. With today's technology we understand how the voice works more clearly than we did before. Some of the techniques that used to be frowned upon- like belting- are now understood and if trained properly can be safely used.As an athlete trains for a sport like golf or tennis you train the same way for singing. Your whole body is involved when you sing - and you train those muscles, mechanisms and motor skills. Just like someone who works out in the gym to get stronger muscles you lift heavier weights- so with repertoire and exercises you build your voice to get the most power and control.


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Voice Lessons