Sing It Studios

Kathleen Radke Higgins


Tuition/Cancellations/Reschedule policy

* Weekly private lessons

* Monthly performance classes- first Monday of each month at 7:P.M.

* from first week in September - to third week in June  


* Phone studio for current rates 425-766-5140       

             two payment options:

           Monthly tuition: weekly 1/2 hour lesson

                                        weekly 1 hour lessons

                 Quarterly tuition: due September - December - March


* Tuition is same price each month or quarter

* Tuition is due in full at the first lesson of the month or quarter September through May

* There will be no adjustments.

* A $25.00 late fee will be charged on past due balances

* Lessons will be suspended if tuition is more than 60 days past due.

* Note these dates: (no lessons-Holidays or breaks)

          from Wednesday Thanksgiving week-end

          from Dec- winterbreak

          from Feb.- midwinter break

          from April  - spring break

          Mon. May - Memorial day

* This time is scheduled especially for you.

* Illnesses or emergencies canceled the day before are “excused absences” and if time permitting can be made up.

* Forgetting or any other reason is not an “excused absence” and not eligible for a make-up.

* Excused absences must be made up within 2 weeks or the lesson is forfeited.

* No credit will be issued for a cancelled lesson.

* Exceptions can be made for extended illnesses or family vacations.

* Thank for not attending a lesson with a contagious illness germs can spread quickly in a music studio (if I get sick I cannot work)

* If a student chooses not to continue his or her lessons,a one month notice must be given and paid for.

* If I have to cancel, a make-up will be scheduled at the earliest convenience.

*no chewing gum at any time in the studio

Kelsey Schmidt Miss Washington 2016